Event Photography

Event Photography is a unique time capsule, an artful celebration of one special moment in time, preserved and cherished for generations to enjoy.

So much more than just simple documentation of events, truly effective and artful Event Photography aims to portray the spirit and feeling of an event - the experience of being present, expressed as fully as it can be expressed.


Just as important as the performer, herself, is the symbiotic dance between her and her audience. Capturing the big, public moments during any event is expected, of course, and we at Spot On Image have a distinct eye for showcasing the big picture of your event in high style. We also understand that taking the time to capture candid, intimate moments of joy and connection is what really brings Event Photography to life.


We look forward to celebrating your event with unique, beautiful and timeless photography, preserving your special moment for generations to come.


  • ​$100 to 150 per hour (depending on event specifics, billed in 30 minute increments, with a 2 hour minimum)

  • This rate includes a skilled second-shooter the day of your event and free professional photo editing for 200 to 400 images (depending on the length of your event), completed within 10 business days of the event.

  • Listed pricing covers service fees only. Prints, downloads & photo merchandise are sold separately.

  • A complete hi-res download/DVD package with all photos is available for an additional $200.

  • All sales are subject to sales tax, applicable credit processing fees and shipping and handling charges.

  • Clients are required to complete a pre-session interview (in-person or by Email/telephone).

  • All clients must sign a service contract with model release agreement.

  • Additional fees are required for travel to locations further than 25 miles outside of Austin.

  • All fees must be paid for in-full before the session date.

  • Email us at info@SpotOnImage.com today to discuss your needs and create a package right for your event.